MKP Mobility Limited (formally Known as Chitradurga Spintex Limited) was incorporated under the provision of The Companies Act, 1956 vide Company Registration No. 011467 dated 10th December, 1990 issued by ROC Bangalore.

The Company has changed its name fromĀ Chitradurga Spintex Limited to MKP Mobility Limited onĀ December 21, 2022. A fresh certificate of name change was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Bangalore (copy enclosed).

MKP Mobility is involve into the business of distribution and exports- automotive parts, industrial products, mechanical and electronic components, auto care products. lubricants, tyres, batteries, refurbished parts.

  • To purchase and sales- 2wheelers, 3 wheelers and cars and commercial vehicles- both IC engine and EV, both new and used.
  • To provide services relating to warehousing and logistics- storage and transportation of all of the above mentioned types of products.
  • To manufacture- producing, assembling packaging all the above mentioned products.
  • To operate workshops for repairing, servicing all types of automotive vehicles, industrial equipment, construction equipment including but, not limited to scrappage- scrapping and refurbishing used vehicles, machines, construction equipment. scrapping, refurbishing and selling used components, electrical waste, batteries, tyres etc.